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Our Technologists are one step away.
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Our Services

Our Technologists are one step away.
For Me For Someone Else

Our Services

Our Technologists are one step away.
For Me For Someone Else

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PC Health Check

Has your PC or laptop become slow and less responsive? We will remove any unneeded software and old files slowing the device down and then ensure it is up to date and configured to run at it’s optimal speed.

System Updates

Are you getting messages telling you to ‘update’ your device? It can be unsettling seeing these popups and not knowing exactly what they want you to do. We will ensure that all available software and operating system updates are installed.

Device Setup

Are you planning on getting a new tablet or computer or maybe you’ve already purchased one? We can offer pre-purchase advice as well as setting the device up for you, so you get to enjoy using it as quickly as possible. 

Technology Tuition

Our tuition service is tailored to your needs and we work at your pace. We recognise that no two people’s needs are the same and we ensure that you feel comfortable to ask any questions.

Printer Service

Is your printer failing to produce good quality printouts? Do you need an ink change? We offer a comprehensive printer service and ensure that your printer is connected to your PC or other devices.

Email Fix

Are your emails no longer arriving or sending? There are many reasons for common email issues and we’ll fully resolve and test your system to get you connected once more.

I would like to book a service for someone else.

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Remote Support

If you would like the reassurance of knowing a loved one is getting the support they need from caring and patient technology experts, then we’re sure to offer the service to give you peace of mind. 

Pre-Purchase Advice

Perhaps you’re thinking of treating someone special to a new tablet, computer or mobile phone but are unsure what specifications they require? Fear not, our impartial and unbiased advice will guide you through your purchase.

In-home Service

Depending on their location, we can often visit your family members’ home and perform an onsite service to rectify issues affecting devices such as printers and WiFi routers. All our Technologists are DBS checked and COVID-19 vaccinated.


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